Hair Loss History

Hair loss through the ages

Hair loss could be one of the most devastating events in a person’s life. How many times have you heard mean jokes pertained to people who have lost their hair? How many times have you actually laughed at those jokes? How many times have you used the word “bald” and “hairless” as a nickname for someone or to describe him or her? 

It may seem a bit crazy but then if you are to look at things differently, put your self in that person’s shoes, you are going to realize that it is painful and insulting. It does not get surprising why there are plenty of people who would rather they be faced with life-threatening conditions than be doomed with hair loss. Obviously, the pain that would be endured in medication for some serious health conditions is better than having to be in scrutiny by most people who does not know how to respect people’s condition. Instead of ostracizing and alienating those people who have hair loss conditions, they should be encouraged to face the problem and to turn to treatment for baldness such as hair transplants or by just simply embracing it.

For most of the time the idiom, misery loves company, would hold true for this. Those with hair problems would want to have people around them who would tell them that life is going to be okay and that things would push them to seek for the right treatment. 

Without these people, without the right support base, there would not be people who can last through the depression of hair thinning, especially the female species. Of course a good treatment for hair loss should be with them too.

Women gives particular attention to the hair and when things get screwed up with this, then they could instantly feel that something is “very wrong” with them. Aside from worrying about their physical appearance, the misery comes with the knowledge that men and even other women, sees the hair as a symbol of femininity and health. Without healthy hair, no one would look at you or treat you the way due of a lady.

Men also worry a lot about thinning hair because this is one of the worst ways of aging for them. Most of those who reach their fiftieth year would feel that they are doomed to seeing their hair bidding goodbye one by one.

 They may seem to simply laugh at the scenario when they are younger but once the day comes; they could not help but feel that the world has turned its back from them. Now, would anyone take hair loss less seriously? 

Apparently, they would want to take a better look at the situation and find means to alter the situation. Yes, worries would always hound you. How would you learn to get things better? The first way is always to accept things the way that they are. It gets a bit crazy for sure but then, when you learn how to accept things, you would also find avenues to solve your problems.

Workout Companion

Tips to keeping fit and healthy

Everyone understands how vital it is to stay healthy and fit. However, not many of us succeed in keeping up with a healthy schedule. How many people do you know that became members in gyms and dropped out just a month later? I know quite a few.

It goes without saying that the primary and most important step to keeping healthy and fit, is having a healthy diet and getting the right exercise. One needs a good nutritious food plan, and has to ensure he is doing the right type and right amount of exercise. However, what most people fail at, is putting what they know and understand into real action. So, how can we adjust ourselves mentally, to ensure we keep healthy? Well, here are three top tips. They are very easy to implement and are also fundamentally applicable in all areas of life where we want to succeed.

1. Get yourself a companion

Find a friend who you can exercise with, or with whom you can discuss your diet with. You need to be accountable to someone else. This way each one of you will feel more responsibility and commitment to keeping up with things. Do not necessarily choose your spouse for this, because you may both be too easy on each other and you may be ready to give up together.

2. Improve your environment

If you are addicted to say chocolate, then make sure you don’t have bars of chocolate lying around in the kitchen. Don’t let food into your home that you know you will not be able to overcome the temptation of eating.

3. Reward

Make sure that you reward yourself, and that you tell your friends about it. This way you will feel stupid to give up, since everyone will be asking you how it’s going. This way you will make it to the ‘finishing line’.


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