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Resources Resources related to being a safer driver. Road rules Is your knowledge of basic road rules up-to-date? Fatigue Fatigue is often ranked as a major factor in causing road crashes. Fleet policies End Fleet safety Navigation [4th Level] Motorcycle safety Start Motorcycle safety Navigation [4th Level] Ride Smart Spokes End Motorcycle safety Navigation [4th Level] Older drivers Start Older drivers Navigation Homepage

Stay in touch Join the conversation. Please note this is guidance only and not a legislative instrument.Safe Work Australia - Draft Model Code of Practice on managing risks of plant in rural workplaces (Not approved by Ministerial Driving conditions Penalties Avoiding driver fatigue Holidays and road trips Travel games for children End Driving tips and tools Navigation [4th Level] Fleet safety Start Fleet safety Navigation [4th Level] How People generally don't become fatigued from driving. http://www.tac.vic.gov.au/road-safety/safe-driving/tips-and-tools/fighting-fatigue

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eagle Portable The world's first portable drowsiness detection system specifically designed for a professional mobile Dangers Don’t lose sleep over the safety of your employees. Sharing the household vehicle As the number of car users in a household increases there will be a growing pressure to use the available vehicles. The Latest TAC campaignsSee TAC road safety campaigns here. This will only provide some short term benefit.

Get out of the car, get some fresh air and some exercise.If possible share the driving. Seatbelts and child restraints Wearing a seatbelt doubles your chances of surviving a serious crash. These naps can be fatal and are the main cause of fatigue-related crashes where the driver runs off the road. Driver Fatigue Definition The only cure for fatigue is sleep.

Resources Resources related to being a safer rider. Cyclist road rules and safety When you are riding a bike you need to know about bells, lights, helmets, riding abreast, bicycle lanes, give way rules and more. Learner's permit Got your Ls? Breaking basic road rules contributes to thousands of avoidable crashes in South Australia resulting in injuries and fatalities each year.

Road freight transport is a sub-sector of the road transport industry.Safe Work Australia - Draft Code of Practice - Traffic Management in WorkplacesThis draft code provides practical guidance for persons who Driver Fatigue Symptoms Parents and supervisorsSupervising a learner driver is a challenging experience. Are you at risk? Safe driving tips Heavy vehicles are a safety issue because of the distances travelled, their mass and rigidity.

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Izzard on the Death Star Canteen The British comedian and actor says the viral Lego video created by a "kid in America" is his version of The Eagles' most famous song. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-13/roadside-test-to-identify-drowsy-drivers/8265740 About About Navigation [1st Level] Start About Navigation [2nd Level] Media room Start Media room Navigation [3rd Level] Media releases Start Media releases Navigation [4th Level] 2015 Media Releases Media Release Driver Fatigue Statistics The Latest TAC campaignsSee TAC road safety campaigns here. Driver Fatigue Management Chemicals build up in your brain until they reach a tipping point and you will fall asleep.Causes of drowsy drivinga lack of quality sleep driving when you would normally be sleeping

Driver fatigue is particularly dangerous because one of the symptoms is decreased ability to judge your own level of tiredness.Fatigue is more likely to be a factor in crashes in rural Bonuses The Driver's Handbook The Driver's Handbook is the road rules handbook for all South Australian drivers. Peoples stories Here you will find videos about inspiring TAC clients and their families Peoples' stories The TAC's Peoples' stories is a place for people to share their experiences and stories Older drivers Learn about the risks older drivers face and keep safe on the roads. Driving Fatigue Prevention

However, compared to driving other road vehicles, riding a motorcycle can place you at higher risk than others. Driving at night Driving at night is dangerous and requires more skills and concentration. Click here to find the rules, laws and safety tips for cycling in South Australia. http://alpinedesignsmtb.com/driver-fatigue/driver-fatigue-causes.php Fatigue laws apply to fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles.

Test your sport knowledge Have you had your finger on the pulse when it comes to the world of sport? Causes Of Driver Fatigue Signs of driver fatigue The signs of fatigue include: your head keeps noddingdifficulty in keeping your eyes openunable to remember last few kilometres constant yawning drifting in the lane or driving Housing surplus raises price crash risks Blowing bubbles: The new world economic order Richard Hinds: What will we tell our grandchildren about Horn v Pacquiao?

Don't just remove it: Surgeon urges proactive response to vaginal mesh problems Tomic, Kokkinakis crash out of Wimbledon, Rodionova advances Men banned from Queensland stadiums over alleged abuse at boxing Baby

Risk Factors Fatigue-related road deaths and serious injuries are not restricted to rural and regional roads, nor are they restricted to people driving long distances. Driver fatigue is believed to contribute to more than 30% of road crashes. More Work diaries and record keeping A work diary is evidence that a driver’s work and rest hours are compliant with the law and that their fatigue is being managed. Fatigue Driving Laws Because fatigue impairs mental processing and decision making abilities, drivers can lapse into a "micro-sleep" without realising.

Heavy vehicle driver's handbook The Heavy Vehicle Driver’s Handbook is an important guide that provides detailed information on what you need to know to operate a heavy vehicle safely in South This may only last a few seconds, but if it coincides with the need to perform some critical driving task (e.g. Visitors to South Australia Driving involves risk and safe drivers aim to reduce and manage their risk. find this Get your passengers to tell you if you look tired or if you are showing signs of tiredness.Eat well balanced meals at your usual meal times.

About our program Graduate program - how to apply Read our graduate profiles Frequently asked questions - graduate program Indigenous Graduate Program What we offer Working at Comcare Promotinghealth & safetyCreating Professor Howard said many drivers were not aware just how tired they may be when they get behind the wheel."When people are starting to notice difficulty in keeping their eyes open, Print page TAC campaigns Statistics Towards Zero Learning to drive Safe driving Road safety in schools Avoiding driver fatigue Start Navigation [Current Level] Driving tips and tools How safe is your Don't just remove it: Surgeon urges proactive response to vaginal mesh problems SPORT Tomic, Kokkinakis crash out of Wimbledon, Rodionova advances SPORT Men banned from Queensland stadiums over alleged abuse at

Which product is right for you? Section 343 of the HVNL states what the NHVR must be satisfied with in order to approve an EWD. Alcohol Interlocks Levels Bloody Idiots Boozebusted Bush Telegraph Girlfriend More Campaigns End Drink driving Navigation [4th Level] Drug driving Start Drug driving Navigation [4th Level] More drug tests, more often. Learn about special L-rules and conditions.